Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Item no. 01

As many of you know, a major part of 2007 for us was discovering & rediscovering Flynn's MSG allergy. I will share the details at some point but the discovery completely revolutionized the way we ate. It is amazing the things that food companies put into our food that we simply ignore & the ways that they try to hide it. Even things claiming to be "All Natural". It has been a long process for our family & because of it we have become the ultimate label readers. Our diet has improved substancially even though we didn't consider it to be all that bad in the first place.
This year however, we have decided to take it a step further. Our goal is to one by one take our grocery list & disect it to the point that we are producing as much as possible ourselves along with going to closer & more pure food sources. We really enjoyed shopping at some of the local markets our city has to offer & Brett is going to miss his little lady at Mitchell's this winter.
Once again, being married to a self-made chef has paid off. We decided that the first & easiest item to mark off the grocery list was bread. We already buy a great local bread that has super good for you ingredients, but this item will also give us some points towards our "better budget" resolution. Brett put his skills to work & made these fabulous breads. Cinnamon raisen & rosemary bread were the flavors of choice this time around. We plan to make rolls for sandwich lunches every week & can't wait to improve the recipes as we perfect our wheat grinding skills.

(recipe to be edited in later.)


sarah said...

what a great resolution! i'm personally disgusted by the statistic that we throw away 99% of what we buy within 6 months. that's a lot of garbage! one way to lower the statistic is, like you said, buying local and fresh, since they're not covered in layers of plastic and cardboard.
you'll have to let me know how it goes! we have some friends who pledged to "buy local" all last year and it went pretty well. maybe we'll take the total pledge soon, too. :)
(sorry for the horrendously long comment)

m. said...

sarah: that is crazy! honestly, ever since we started shopping local & at costco only, & mostly fresh due to flynn, we hardly fill our trash can. although i do have a pile of cardboard waiting to be recycled :).
p.s.- i want lessons from you & jeremy on having less stuff!

m. & m. said...

yummy yum yum. can you tell I'm pregnant?