Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cancelling your mail.

I have this obsession with clutter. More of a hatred really. My days of thrift store rummaging & the fact that I married a thrift store junkie have given me quite a run for my money as I try to become a normal adult with an orderly home. I feel like I have taken control of that aspect, but there is still one greater enemy in my quest to be clutter free: the mailman. I have talked about my different solutions in the past but it is still a constant battle I have to wage none the less. I have been discussing with Brett lately if there is some better way. Is there any way to hide from the mailman?

Turns out there is. Sort of. Brett came across a new website that actually accepts & opens your mail, then scans it for you to view in on online postal box. The site is called EarthClassMail.
There are an array of plans to choose from starting at $12.99. You are then able to trash, forward, print or save the documents. They then recycle or shred & recycle the paper document. If I understand correctly you change your address to certain parties to this new P.O. box.

Lovely idea, but I don't know that I'm quite ready for that. About a week later I received my Martha Newsletter in my email with a link to this article. It is a must read! It gives you the lowdown on resources to stop & prevent unwanted mail. I have included links below. So, I may not be able to hide from the mailman, but I can at least tell him to stop bullying me with junk mail!

Get rid of:
Pre-approved credit card & insurance offers
All for free or almost free.
If your willing to spend the cash, you can pay a subscription fee to have someone do all of this for you:

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