Monday, October 1, 2007

find of the week.

if there is anything that overwhelms me, it's clutter. ever since i have been trying to be a responsible adult & save important paperwork, it has taken over my house! i have tried so many times to get it under control but it never seems to work. i think i have finally found my system.

in my entry way, i have on a shelf one of these. it is the Real Simple Expanding File System. inside there is a file labeled for each of the types of papers that comes into my home: bills, to be mailed, to be filed, coupons. while i had extra space, i did not include a misc. space. that would be to tempting for me. the beauty of this file is that it can be stored vertically on a bookshelf & labeled to look really nice. the papers are neatly enclosed & not visible so you can store it nicely on a shelf & not have to worry about a filing cabinet. i have one labeled for each aspect of my life that would need filing such as taxes, health, home, ect.

they are a little pricey so i recommend either buying over time or saving up for them. i was desperate enough to invest in the lot. you can find them at your local target store or online.


marisa said...

oooo, I might have to invest in some of those cute yet functional organizers.

veeda said...

I am a fan of Real Simple's line at Target too. I'm always working on organizing myself.