Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BPA Free Update.

So. Tonight I spent a lot of time researching which sippy I wanted to get for Sobe & ended up deciding on the Thermos Foogy thanks to the folks at SafeMama. I was hoping that I could find it at my local Target store so I wouldn't have to wait for it to be shipped, & sure enough, their website said that they did indeed have it "Available" at my local store. So I loaded up the kids & headed out only to find that they did indeed NOT have it in their store. The employee acted completely weirded out that I was asking for that brand & informed me that they had Gerber & Nuby sippy cups. Duh. So I picked out two others hoping they might be o k. I just checked online & of course they both contain BPA. Do you know how angry this makes me!

So, next time I go shopping I will have in my wallet this handy BPA Wallet Card along with texting instructions for immediate answers on products not listed. How could you not love a site that would do that for you. I just wish I would have used my better judgement & printed it before I left tonight!

*update- so i went to target tonight again, this time to the sporting goods section & happend to notice that they had the thermos product there! it is a really great cup & can be tipped upside down without a drop. it is really easy to get water from & best of all, the material prevents bacteria! i am very pleased...

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Kathy said...

Aggravating isn't it? Babies R Us carries the Foogo, I've seen them in there before.

It's pathetic we need wallet cards, shopping lists and text services to buy safe products. They should all have to be clearly marked what material they are.

Thanks for reading safemama! :)