Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Thanks for everyone's suggestions. After a lot of research I finally made my decisions. I purchased the Bebe Pod Plus which features a detachable tray with removable toy & 2 removable place mats. The toy is great & is flexible so Sobe is able to bend it towards her mouth to chew on it. She also enjoys having the pummel in place of the tray which I was surprised about. I think it gives her a sense of freedom. So far she absolutely loves it & so do I! While she doesn't like to spend forever in it because she love rolling around on the floor, it is a really nice change for a bit. I love it because I can have my hands free to play with Flynn while Sobe looks on. So great! I would definetely say this is a must have especially for your second child. I ended up choosing the Bebe pod over the Bumbo because (1)the tray looked sturdier & included the fun toy - I really wanted a tray. (2)the Bebe Pod was not recalled like the Bumbo because it has a higher back. Sobe actually has bucke backwards several times & the seat has not budged.
One negative review I read mentioned that the seat had a really strong chemical smell. This was true. Someone said it went away after 2 days by an open window but mine took about a week & a half sitting in an open space. It did go away though.
All in all the seat is going to the top of my "baby must haves" list.

Now about the stroller. I drug Brett to USA Baby to test them out. Baby USA (recommended by Veeda, of course) is a great place to go to try out baby gear. They had everything out to be tested which is fantastic! I was able to try out the BIG Cabboose & it was just that, BIG. I seriously felt like a was driving a bus around the store. So dissapointing but I guess to be expected. I then tried out the Ultralight & I think I will make that purchase due to Flynn's personality. I still have the complaint that Flynn is not able to sit up totally straight on the back bench seat but I don't think he really cares. All in all I think he will get the most use out of that option because I think he will spend too much time trying to get out of a stadium seat. He really got a kick out of jumping on the back to hitch a ride. & it really is lightweight. I actually tried the stroller mentioned by Jamie & it was by far the best stadium stroller I have tried. I am still holding off for a little bit but plan to purchase it in the near future.
If anyone else has any must baby haves, let me know! It really pays to listen to people's opinions. Thanks again!

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