Thursday, December 13, 2007

homemade ornaments.

Christmas means a lot to me & it is a celebration i look forward to sharing with my children as we form our own traditions. one tradition that i feel very strongly about began last year. i am in love with the whole handmade revolution & this is my beginning. while i can not completely claim handmade on these i can claim homemade. here are my creations..


i found the containers in the wedding aisle at a craft store. i also used favor tins as you will see below. others things included plastic pearls, ric-rac, ribbon, curly hooks, silver bells, berries & twigs from outside, cotton balls, & glitter glue.

the instructions are pretty self explanitory if you look at the pics so i won't explain unless someone has a question. enjoy!

p.s.- i didn't sign up in time for the ornament swap mentioned below-long story. check out these cute ornaments veeda made for the swap! it made me sad again i didn't make the cut...


brooklyn said...

very cute! i'm impressed. i especially like the round one with the berries.

brooklyn said...

also, i still can't access your family blog--can i please get another invite. please. i gotta see sobe!

Veeda said...

Wow! I absolutely love these. I wish you were in my group. We should do our own little exchange...wanna swap?

m. said...

brooklyn- thanks! & i ll send the invite a s a p!

veeda- i would love to swap! which one do you like? email me..