Saturday, November 3, 2007

calling all moms..

i am in desperate need of recommendations. i am going to purchase 2 items this week that i am looking for feedback on.

the first:
a sit & stand double stroller.

i am looking into the joovy caboose ultralight.
the problem i have with it is that it seems that when a carseat is in the front, the child sitting in back has to lean forward a bit. this seems to me like it would be uncomfortable. will that affect my 2 year old? does anyone have experience with this or a better recommendation for a double stroller?

next item is a bebe pod or a bumbo seat.

which do you like best? will i want the tray? & if so, do i want the tray with the toy attachment on the bebe pod plus? & how long will she r e a l l y use it?

opinions please!

i am having a really hard time making a decision!
thanks everyone!


brooklyn said...

i wish i could help you out. all i know is that every time my friend's baby sat in the bumbo he had a blow out. every time.

and i have no experience with sit and stands--let us know what you decide on and if you like it.

Chris and Jamie said...

I love my graco quattro tour double stroller. I tried the sit and stand and dane would never ride on it. He will however sit in the regular souble stroller. I highly recommend the graco quattro tour duo. I think you have to buy it online, not sure any stores in utah carry it? You are more than welcome to give mine a test drive.

sarah said...

this is probably too late to reply to, but we loved the bumbo! and who cares that it got recalled recently - i think it's the best baby product ever.

Veeda said...

sorry this is a late comment, but I heard those seats are on recall for safety.

but I have stroller lust too. it's so hard to decide!