Friday, October 12, 2007

friday's find of the week.

in the spirit of my last post, here is my find of the week.
i had heard of Nikki McClure from my sister a few years ago but never realized her art was papercutting until i found cindy's blog. she has lots of cool cards & books on her site & i encourage you to browse through them all, but i am choosing this book, The First 1,000 Days- A Baby's Journal as my find of the week. The pictures are beautiful & the subjects she chooses for you to record are the simple & sweet things that could be overlooked if you don't make a point to record the memory. it's really sweet & i can't help but imagine giving this to sobe when she grows & leaves me. the pictures really do strike an extra cord on your heart. i love it.


Unknown said...

And what a great price too!

saint-erin said...

I bought the book Welcome by nikki mcClure for flynn when he was a baby. I still have it and should probably give it to him. I think he will appreciate it now that he's a little older. FHE tomorrow!