Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i watched this frontline episode with brett a few months ago. we were so intrigued & happy to know there was something like this going on in the world. ever since i was a teenager, i had big dreams of "helping the world". as you grow up, you realize how complicated it is & it's hard to think of a place to start. i recommend going to & taking part. it's really inspiring & helps give you the hope of making a difference. watch the documentary to get a feel for the concept of microcredit. it's really amazing.


Unknown said...

Wow, that was so inspiring! Thank you for posting this. I'm so excited to go and check out the Kiva website. Have you done a loan yet?

It sounds like you can really make a difference even if you can't loan a ton of money.

sarah said...

when i was at byu they had a really big microcredit conference. it was really good, and really inspiring. this post was a good reminder of what a difference a small amount of $ can make!